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Final-LEE, R9s is coming! Last week, OPPO Malaysia announced that the long-awaited OPPO R9s is coming to Malaysia! OPPO Malaysia will also be appointing a new international ambassador to be the face of the OPPO R9s.


Wonder who the new brand ambassador will be? Stay tuned for the reveal on 1st January 2017.

The good news doesn’t just stop there. On 26th December 2016, OPPO Malaysia announced that famous Malaysian TV actor, Fattah Amin is now part of the celebrity squad for OPPO R9s. Fattah Amin is known as one of Malaysia’s hottest rising stars and is the leading man of the drama, “Suri Hati Mr.Pilot”. Along with his fast rising popularity, his fans base has also increased vigorously in Malaysia.


Additionally, the company is pleased to announce that talented celebrity and social media influencer, Min Chen will be working with OPPO Malaysia again for the company’s latest OPPO R9s. The company is confident that with Min Chen’s positive energy, she can definitely bring good vibes to the OPPO brand.

OPPO Malaysia is excited to have the latest power-recruitments in its celebrity team for the new OPPO R9s. The company is confident that their positive personalities and image presentation can significantly contribute to the brand image and reach out to a broader consumer and fan base.

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