Tentang Aku Haus Darah Mu (I Thirst For Your Blood)

I Thirst For Your Blood. How far would you go to hunt for your desires? New horror film “Aku Haus Darah Mu” explores just that, with award-winning director Aidilfitri Mohamed Yunos helming the project.

“Aku Haus Darah Mu” follows young anthropologist Lia, who is also a student of traditional dances, and her two friends on a treacherous journey to a remote Malaysian village. Lia is determined to document a dying dance that purportedly incorporates black magic rituals – no matter what the sacrifice is to her, or her companions.

Filem AKU HAUS DARAH MU Lakonan Nad Zainal

Written by Aidilfitri Mohamed Yunos and Fairul Nizam Ablah, “Aku Haus Darah Mu” was filmed entirely on location in Sabak Bernam and Kuang, Selangor during a packed 15-day shoot in April 2015. Aidilfitri has been terrifying audiences with his television shows “Amukan Pocong” and “Mantera Anjasmoro”. Now he’s coming to scare cinema audiences with his debut film, filling it with psychological twists and tense pacing, and crafting it as a classic Malaysian horror thriller.

Executive Producer Wan Sariah Wan Jaafar has assembled a diverse, cross- generational cast for the film, including Deanna Yusoff (last seen in the period drama “1965” and who makes her return to horror after 8 years), Nad Zainal (“Juvana 2”), Farhanna Qismina (the youngest cast member at 17 and yet with starring roles in “Juvana 2”, “Tanda Putera” and “Damping Malam”), Zoey Rahman (“Dawai Asmara” and “Aku Ada Wali”) and newcomer Amalia Syakirah Wan Sariah also enlisted composer Onn San (“Jarum Halus” and winner of the Best Original Music Score for “Ola Bola” with Alex San) to score the film. San’s original compositions for “Aku Haus Darah Mu” heightens the fright factor and adds tension to the film as his soundtrack elevates the onscreen terror to insidious levels.

With traditional dance being integral to the plot, the cast trained with award-winning choreographer Suhaili Micheline at Aurora Ballet School prior to filming. This one- month boot camp suitably prepared them for the climactic scene that brings the story to its gruesome end.

Post-production on “Aku Haus Darah Mu” was completed by Imagica SEA, the Malaysian branch of IMAGICA Corp, with their state-of-the-art facility. The audio score was finalised by Maveriq Studios.

The cast members are now available for interviews, photo shoots and videos. Please feel free to contact us to arrange an interview at your convenience.

Tsar Asia Sdn Bhd, a Kuala Lumpur-based production house known for its popular television programmes “Lost At SEA”, “Strange Encounters” and “Aku Ada Wali”, produced the film under guidance from executive producer Wan Sariah. Best known for her television productions, Wan Sariah is keen to bring her experience to new realms in major motion picture production. She makes her first foray into film with “Aku Haus Darah Mu”.

Tsar Asia Sdn Bhd will release “Aku Haus Darah Mu” in December 2016.

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